The Rose of Manila

An imagining of the formative years of Imelda Marcos, who, as one half of the Marcos regime, would become infamous for embezzling billions from the country to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. Here, the fate of a young girl and an entire nation become entangled as the absent mother of a country is born.

Super 16mm and HD video, 12 minutes. 2020. 

Distributed by Dedza Films and Kino Lorber.

Now available on the Criterion Channel.

View exhibition history here.

Another Life of Time

Scanned, water-damaged 35mm photographs from 1976, digital video, 8 minutes. 2020. 

A collaboration with Matthew Westfall. Please email to view full film.


What happens when you return to the place that made you who you are?

Super 16mm transferred to HD file, 5 minutes.  2018.


A day in the life of a girl submerged in her own world. 

HD video, 5 minutes.  2017.







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